High Wind Roofing Damage

High Wind Roofing Damage

Ice Damming - Roofing Repair

Ice Damming - Roofing Repair

Hail Damage Identification - Insurance Claim

Hail Damage Identification - Insurance Claim



Roof Repair

Have a leak? Has your otherwise functioning roof been damaged by wind, animals, or a tree limb? Roof problems don’t always require a whole new roof, but there are a lot of companies that will try to sell you a new roof anyway. At Quality Exterior and Restoration, we provide personalized inspections to determine the best course of action for your roofing needs. If you can stay dry for years to come with just minor roofing repairs, we’ll let you know and do the work. From minor damage to major damage, we’ll let you know the cost of repairs vs. the cost of a full replacement and let you decide what is best for your home and budget.

Expect the following benefits from Quality Exterior and Restoration:

  • Durable roofing materials ensure your repairs will last the life of your roof.
  • Dozens of colors to choose from to make the repair seamless and keep your roof looking spectacular.
  • Expert installers who do the job right the first time.
  • Storm damage expertise we have acquired from over 15 years in business providing storm damage in the Dayton area.
  • Fantastic customer service as attested to by our 100+ Google reviews raving about how we do right by our customers!

Emergency Roof Repair

You'll notice a roofing issue at the worst times! The weather is extreme. Heavy wind and torrential rains will highlight roofing issues you didn't even know you had. Fallen trees and branches can add insult to injury. Unfortunately, these are also the worst times to actually do the roofing repairs. Our response is 2nd to none. We understand the urgency of fixing a leak, replacing a shingle or even tarping a larger issue until it can be addressed. 

When you see potential issues, call us. We'll respond immediately, inspect your situation, attempt to abate the current issue and setup a plan of action to correct your roofing issues permanently... without having to replace your entire roof. 

Shingle Roof Repairs

Shingle repair is one of the most common types of repairs we do. Quality Exterior and Restoration is your local expert in the Dayton area on shingle roofs. We’ll find matching shingles and if there were any issues with the original installation we will fix them.

If a few bad shingles are causing a leak, don’t replace your whole roof! Get them fixed before it’s too late and get the maximum life out of your existing roof!

Metal Roof Repairs

Quality Exterior and Restoration has been on the forefront of the increasing metal roof business in southwest Ohio. Metal roofs are extremely durable and last a long time, but damage still happens, especially from tornadic winds. We can get you fixed up in no time with our certified metal roof experts.

Chimney Flashing Repairs

Damaged chimney flashing is one of the most common sources of leaks. We like to think of proper chimney flashing as an art—which is why you see us brag about it so much when showing off our work. Chimney flashing from Quality Exterior and Restoration will look better than from anywhere else and it will last long, too. If you have a leak that can be traced back to chimney flashing, it’s important to repair it quickly before the water damage extends to your roof, interior walls, and more.

ICE Damming

Emergency-Repair-For-Ice-Damming-Dayton-OhioIce damming happens when gutters get clogged with ice and often large icicles form. This can damage the gutters and cause water to leak into the eaves. Ice damming is usually the result of poor insulation or ventilation.

If you notice ice damming during the winter months, call Quality Exterior and we will provide the necessary repairs to prevent damage to your home. Unless the damming has been happening for a long time and extensive damage has already occurred, then repairs should be sufficient to prevent the worst from happening.

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