Commercial Roof Replacement

Quality Exterior and Restoration is dedicated to providing the best commercial roofing services in the Miami Valley. Give your business the security of a quality roof and attract new customers with a roof that reflect the quality of your business. If you needs a new commercial roof, Quality Exterior will provide a free inspection and quote. Businesses in the Dayton area know that to get a quality commercial roof you need to call Quality Exterior!

Commercial Roof Repair

Leaks and storm damage on commercial roofs can often be repaired without resorting to a costly replacement. Quality Exterior and Restoration will provide a free inspection and recommend a repair for roofs that do not require a complete replacement. Maximize the life of your commercial roof with quality repairs that last.  Call Quality Exterior and Restoration today!

Flat Commercial Roofing

Membrand Commercial Roofs
Low-pitch roofs often require a membrane material.Whether it’s a traditional tar and gravel built up system, a thermoset, or thermoplastic roof, Quality Exterior and Restoration has the necessary expertise to provide the best commercial roof for your building.

Modified Bitumen Roof
Modified bitumen roofs are ideal for low-pitch roofs that may have a lot of activity. Composed of layers of fabrics and bitumen, they are fasted to rooftops with two-ply systems to ensure maximum stability.

Pitched Commercial Roofs

Metal Commercial Roofs
Metal commercial roofs will provide the longest-lasting solution for pitched roofs. Certain architectures, like the El Rancho Nuevo (pictured) we completed in Fairfield, may require a traditional membrane roof for the low pitch sections and metal for pitched areas.

Shingled Commercial Roofing Projects
Not all businesses have traditional flat roofs. For pitched roofs traditional shingles will get the job done. Sometimes, such as in the case pictured above, a roof will require multiple materials to account for pitched and low pitch sections. Quality uses the best materials to maximize the life of a roof and make it look great.

Commercial Roof Maintenance

Proper maintenance is critical to extend the life of a commercial roof. Maintenance includes cleaning debris, mending tears, treating leaks, and repairing water damage. Other elements such as flashing and HVAC systems also need to be inspected and repaired if any damage is present.

Have your commercial roof regularly inspected and maintained to keep your establishment dry and avoid costly damage that can accumulate unnoticed. Regular maintenance always costs less than the damage that neglect can cause.

Routine commercial roof inspections and maintenance keep your establishment looking its best, keep you legally compliant, and save you money! Set up a maintenance schedule with Quality Exterior and Restoration for a long lasting roof and building.

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