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Metal roofing has made a home in the harsh weather extremes here in Dayton Ohio. You'll be amazed at the options, from a variety of colors and designs. The newest metal varieties can even look like shingles! Metal roofing options are weather resistant, energy efficient, environmentally friendly and can be very cost effective.

Unique Metal Roofing Options

Standing seam metal roofs feature wide, flat panels with vertical orientation, each adorned with ribs at both ends. Utilizing hidden fasteners beneath these ribs, standing seam panels form an interlocking roofing system, resulting in a sleek and streamlined aesthetic. This design is particularly suited for cabins and contemporary-style residences, offering a modern and visually appealing roofing solution.

Blending the aesthetic charm and curb appeal of traditional shingles, clay tile, cedar shake, and slate with the durability of metal, these roofing systems are favored by homeowners seeking a quick, convenient, and cost-effective solution that mimics the look of various roofing materials. Homeowners benefit from achieving their desired visual aesthetic while enjoying the advantages of metal roofing.

The most cost-effective type of metal roofing, exposed fastener roofing, involves overlapping panels directly fastened to the roof deck or framing through the metal's face. These fasteners are termed "exposed" because their heads remain visible post-installation. However, to reduce visibility, fastener heads are painted the same color as the roofing panels. Typically measuring 36" wide, exposed fastener panels require fewer panels (and less labor) to cover the roof area.

While these are less popular in the Dayton area, we have experienced these options. When the need arises, we you roofing team.

Shake-Inspired Metal Roofing: Metal roofing panels inspired by shakes blend the classic appearance of wooden shakes with the benefits of metal roofing. Although not as watertight as standing seam roofs, a meticulously installed metal shake roof offers robust protection for your home in the long run.

Tile-Inspired Metal Roofing: Tile roofs, commonly found in warmer regions, traditionally utilize natural materials like clay or concrete. Metal roofs provide a durable alternative while preserving the tile aesthetic. Tile-inspired metal roofing boasts resilience against elements such as wind, fire, rain, and hail. Among various metal roofing options, tile-inspired metal roofing stands out as one of the most economically friendly choices available.

Slate-Inspired Metal Roofing: The weight of natural slate roofing can strain your house, necessitating reinforced rafters for longevity. Slate-inspired metal roofing replicates the look of authentic slate without imposing excessive weight on your home's structure. This achieves a harmonious balance between aesthetics and practicality, ensuring both elegance and structural integrity.

Metal Roofs for Solar Installations
Metal roofing has found a home in solar roofing applications due to ease of installing and maintaining solor on metal roofing. With traditional shingle roofs, installing solar panels requires puncturing the shingles to mount the panels. Metal roofs allow for solar panels to be mounted using clips that mount to the ridges. Metal roofs also require less maintenance, which can be difficult and costly on a shingle roof with solar panels attached.

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