A Quality Metal Roof

A metal roof will last a lifetime. Get ultimate protection from the elements, reduce the need for repairs, and make your house look spectacular. Metal roofs are better for your home and the environment. Get a free quote for a metal roof from Quality Exterior and Restoration!

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Modern Style

Metal roofs provide a modern style to make your home stand out. Quality Exterior and Restoration provides expert installation to make your metal roof look the best.

Unique Colors

Metal roofs come in a variety of bright colors to match your home and personal style. Add curb appeal with a colorful metal roof from Quality Exterior and Restoration!

Lifetime Value

Metal roofs last a lifetime and are less susceptible to weather damage. Avoid dealing with repairs with a quality metal roof from Quality Exterior and Restoration.

Solar Ready

Solar panels can be easily clamped onto metal roofs without actually puncturing the roof. If you want to invest in solar power, go with a metal roof to avoid future repairs.



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Metal Roof by Quality Exterior and Restoration


Ventilation is crucial to preserve your roof. At Quality Exterior and Restoration, our roofing experts ensure that your roof gets the air it needs to last a lifetime.

Furnace Vent

Natural gas furnaces often have rooftop exhausts. These must be installed properly and designed to prevent blockage to keep your home safe.


A W-Valley directs water to your gutters to prevent water buildup on your roof.
Plumbing Vent

Plumbing Vent

This vent admits air into plumbing systems to allow waste water to flow properly.
Chimney Flashing

Chimney Flashing

Chimneys are one of the most common places for leaks to develop. Proper chimney flashing will keep water out and make your chimney look great.
Step Ridge/Hip Cap

Step Ridge/Hip Cap

A ridge cap ties everything together. It protects your roof from the elements, looks great, and allows for proper ventilation to prevent moisture from getting trapped inside your roof.
Kitchen/Bathroom Vent

Kitchen/Bahtroom Vent

A cheap kitchen/bathroom fan vent will let cold air flow back into your home. Quality Exterior only installs fan vents that remain closed when not in use.
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Insurance Claims Specialists

Qexterior knows insurance and insurance companies. We work on your behalf directly with the adjusters to make sure your repair needs are met 100%.

Xactimate® Compliant

Xactimate® allows us to work with insurance companies to so you can make an accurate claim and ensure you are covered. Our Xactimate® compliance ensures that we speak the same language as your claim adjuster.

Solar Ready, Environmentally Sound

Roof with solar panels

Metal Roofs are Better for Solar

With traditional shingle roofs, installing solar panels requires puncturing the shingles to mount the panels. Metal roofs allow for solar panels to be mounted using clips that mount to the ridges. Metal roofs also require less maintenance, which can be difficult and costly on a shingle roof with solar panels attached.

Metal Roofs are Better for the Environment

Metal roofs also reduce waste and carbon emissions. Traditional shingles are produced with asphalt and end up in the dump after repairs or replacements. If you want an environmentally conscious solution for your next roof, a metal roof from Quality Exterior and Restoration is the way to go.