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The Professional Roofer

The Professional Roofer

Choosing the right roofer for your project can be a painful process here are 6 tips for what can help you with your choice.

1- Can Your roofer provide references within a reasonable distance of your home.

2- Check your roofer out with the BBB

3- Make sure everything is in writing with a proper payment schedule which

includes any additional cost (many times they won’t be able to see this until they


4- Make them explain everything that will happen at your home.

5- Ask them what you can expect, how many workers, how long will it take, will you

be needed for anything

6- Have your roofer provide proof if insurance so you know your protected if    something happens


Roofing your home can be one of the most uneasy feelings that someone can go thru. The average roof weighs about 7200 lbs. With all that debris being torn off,  if your roofer isn’t careful landscaping and personal property can be damaged.

Following the tips listed above will help you in preventing anything bad happening during your roofing/remodeling project.


Contact A Quality representative if you should have any questions. 937-694-5529

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