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Should I Repair Or Replace My Roof During The Winter?

Should I Repair or Replace My Roof During the Winter?

Winter months will bring a wide range of roofing issues to your roof. Ideal weather conditions for roofing are the fall and spring months. When a roof leak occurs during the winter months 1 of 2 things have happened. The first thing is that one area of the roof has fell victim of the harsh weather and needs to be repaired the second is that the roof has lived its life and needs to be replaced.

Any professional roofer will tell you that extreme cold is the absolute worst time to replace your roof. Shingles will crack and break in extreme cold installation also they may not seal properly. However sometimes this can’t be avoided.Any time a roof is installed for emergency purposes in the winter we should always reinspect them when the weather breaks to make sure all shingles are properly sealed.

Our recommendation is to tarp the roof or do an emergency repair until you have warmer weather for a replacement.

Give us a call for free advise on what is best for you. It may warrant an inspection for your situation and that is free also.

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