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I’m Selling My House And The Roof Fails Inspection…What Do I Do?

I’m Selling My House and the Roof Fails Inspection…What Do I Do?

I’m selling my house and the roof fails inspection what do I do??? A roof inspection can end a potential deal when selling a house.

If there are missing shingles you may be eligible for an insurance claim. This works best for all parties involved because the roof may get fully replaced by the insurance company. Having the right roofing Professional look at your roof is critical in this process.

But what happens if the roof is not eligible for replacement by way of insurance?
A lot of times the roof just needs some simple maintenance and even though it can be expensive at times this shouldn’t end a potential deal.

Now the roof has lived its life and just needs to be replaced.
A good realtor will help you find the right professional to help with this. Knowing that you can get a reasonably priced roof for 7500.00 on average. These expenses can be worked into closing and both parties bear some of the cost.

Check out our roofing cost calculator for more info on a average of what your roof may cost. Or call one of our professionals for advise. 937-694-5529

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