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Cheap Remodeling Who Wins?

Cheap remodeling Who wins?

It’s a win win with cheap remodeling… maybe not.

Unfortunately, in today’s remodeling world, it has become a trend that the lowest bidder or cheap remodeling quotes win the job. Whether the work is being done for a homeowner, a penny pincher or big corporate CEO, the bottom line is the best price wins. This is great because no matter what the price is for a job you get great, quality work every time from a contractor right?  I wish this was the case but it is not what actually happens.  Contractors have many of the top 10 most checked out businesses with the BBB.  There are a lot of crooked contractors  in the world, that present cheap remodeling quotes just to take advantage of someone every chance they get.

Here is the problem with the lowest price wins mentality.  Even the good contractors are forced to lower their quality of work to match the estimate amount for the job.  The two phrases, “good quality work” and “the cheapest amount possible” do not go together.  You truly get what you pay for in most cases of the remodeling world.  This doesn’t mean a customer has to go out and accept the highest bid.  There are many good companies that will do quality work for less that top dollar.  It is in someone’s best interest that is price conscious to get a few bids and see where the prices are at because there may be a wide variety of prices.  Just keep two things in mind: make sure the contractors are comparing Apples to apples and get to know the contractor and his company personally as much as you can when you meet them.  Do not just look at the numbers they are giving you.

Lastly, what is also happening now, is contractors are bidding the job low initially to get there foot in the door.  Once the job is in process they are coming up with many “un foreseen issues” that are going to be an additional charge.  At that point people think they have no choice but to pay the extra amount because the job is already in process and they need to get the job done.  There are many things that can come up during a remodeling job that may be a surprise, but if you hire a good contractor with experience he should atleast be able to discuss possible problems with you in the beginning so when or if they come up, it doesn’t seem like the contractor is trying to be sneaky just to make more money.

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