Cheap Remodeling Who Wins?

Cheap remodeling Who wins?

It's a win win with cheap remodeling... maybe not. Unfortunately, in today’s remodeling world, it has become a trend that the lowest bidder or cheap remodeling quotes win the job. Whether the work is being done for a homeowner, a penny pincher or big corporate CEO, the bottom line is the best price wins. This is great because no matter what the…

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Kettering Ohio – Roofing and Damage Restoration Service

The summers of 2011 and 2012 have been particularly damaging to homes in the Kettering Ohio region. If the straight-line winds ripping through Kettering didn't tear off shingles, fallen trees and flying debris weren't far behind to pick up the slack. In some neighborhoods not a house made it though the storms without some damage. As the storms rolled into…

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ICE Damming! What Is It And How Can I Prevent It?

ICE Damming! What Is It and How Can I Prevent It?

Ice Damming is what happens when water builds up behind a blockage of ice. If you live in a cold, snowy region, you already know about the damaging effects of ice dams. The gutters clog up with ice, then water runoff from the roof gets trapped by the dam and eventually backs up the roof, travels under the shingles, and…

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Should I Repair Or Replace My Roof During The Winter?

Should I Repair or Replace My Roof During the Winter?

Winter months will bring a wide range of roofing issues to your roof. Ideal weather conditions for roofing are the fall and spring months. When a roof leak occurs during the winter months 1 of 2 things have happened. The first thing is that one area of the roof has fell victim of the harsh weather and needs to be…

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